Shipping Information

Sample Shipping Box Let me first say that I'm not crazy about shipping orders. It is expensive and there's no guarantee that everything will arrive intact (or at all). However, as long as you are willing to pay the cost, and take the risk, I will do it.

I can ship cookies to pretty much anywhere in the continental United States. However,due to the types of boxes I use to ship, I generally only ship in multiples of five dozen. However, that may vary depending on the types of cookies ordered. For example, I may be able to ship more Buckeyes, but fewer Cutouts. Call or email me to verify if your order can be properly packed and shipped.

I ship using UPS ground service for most orders. For locations in the Western or Southern states I may use Priority Mail through the U.S. Post Office. This will ensure that the cookies arrive in a timely manner. For most locations in or near Ohio, the cookies will usually arrive the next business day. All other locations should take 2-3 days.

I can ship the cookies any day of the week (Mon - Fri). However, for locations that will take a few days, I try to ship them on Mondays to ensure they will arrive the same week.

Shipping charges will usually range between $14.00 and $20.00 for the first five dozen and about $2.00 for each five dozen after that (going to the same location). Call or email me to get the exact shipping cost.

I can ship buckeyes, though I don't highly recommend it. They get soft in warm temperatures and therefore can be easily smashed. The cutouts are also very fragile, so if you choose to ship these, I can't guarantee they will arrive all in one piece.

If you choose to have cookies shipped it is at your own risk. I can pack the cookies so that they will be snug and stay fresh. However, once they are shipped, I can't guarantee that they will arrive safe and sound. Once they've left my hands they're at the mercy of the shipping service (and if left on a porch, at the mercy of anyone seeing them).

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