To place an order:

Simply click on the link below to send us an email.
Include the following:

  1.) Your full name.
  2.) Your telephone number.
  3.) Your order (how many dozen of each type of cookie).
  4.) The day and time you would like to pick them up.
  5.) Any other comments or information.

I accept cash or check as payment (to be paid when you pick them up). I don't take credit cards.

You will receive back a confirmation email. If there is any problem with the order (i.e. the
day or time is not convenient), we'll contact you to make alternate arrangements.

If you do not receive a reply back within 24 hours, please contact us by phone (330-630-9999) to ensure your order has been received. I am usually very prompt in replying, but sometimes my emails get tagged as spam and therefore you may not receive my reply. So please call if you don't hear back from me.

To be added to our email list to receive periodic updates to the business (price changes, new products, holiday reminders, etc.) simply note that you would like to be added in your order and we'll add you to our list. You won't be bombarded with emails. This will only be a few emails per year, whenever there's actually something of note to pass along.

Place an Order

if the above link doesn't work, simply send an email to