Something new I've added - Nut Roll & Poppyseed Roll.

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Each roll is 17-18 inches long, weighing 23-24 ounces.
Made soft, moist, and bursting with filling.

Nut Roll    NUT ROLL - $11.00 per roll

    The filling is made from scratch using walnuts, sugar, milk, and margarine.

Poppyseed Roll    POPPYSEED ROLL - $11.00 per roll

    The filling is SOLO poppyseed filling with a little added sugar.

Here is some of the feedback I've already received about the nut roll and poppyseed roll:

I have to tell you how WONDERFUL the nut rolls are! They were so moist and full -- I have had some that were dry and tasteless before. The raves are still going on and on and on!

WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are great. Not too sweet and very moist.

(This was in reference to the poppyseed roll.)

I just wanted to tell you that the nut roll I bought from you for Easter was WONDERFUL! Really, really good. Sometimes nut rolls can be kind of dry, but this one was very moist. Hopefully you will keep this item on your menu for a long time.

The nut roll and poppyseed rolls were GREAT! Better than mom used to make. Don't know how many pounds my husband and I have gained - but it was worth it! The cookies and buckeyes, as always, were good, too!

I want to give you my honest opinion of your poppyseed roll...
p.s. I spoke with a friend and she said the nut roll was great... now I'll have to try that too!

We're sitting here eating this nut roll and it is absolutely perfect - Don't change a thing!

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