More and more frequently I'm asked if I sell anything gluten free. Up until now, the only thing I've offered that is gluten free are the buckeyes.

But I finally decided to try a gluten free cookie. I experimented with both gluten free Chocolate Chip and gluten free Peanut Butter Blossoms. And I have to say that I was very pleasantly surprised by the results. Both cookies turned out great. I can barely tell the difference in both looks and taste (if I can tell at all).

I am offering both a GLUTEN FREE CHOCOLATE CHIP and a GLUTEN FREE PEANUT BUTTER BLOSSOM cookie. Since gluten free flour costs about 20 times what regular flour costs, these will be more expensive. But I think the prices will be reasonable considering. And if you eat gluten free now, then you know how expensive it is.

I will be selling these at the farmer's markets at a price of 3 for $1.50. By the dozen they will be $6.00. The price will be the same for both the chocolate chip and the peanut butter blossoms.

I've also added a gluten free Chocolate Rice Crispy Square. These taste exactly the same as they would if they weren't gluten free. These are also $6.00 per dozen and I'll be offering them at the farmer's markets at 3 for $1.50.

So if you can't eat gluten, you now have several options.

Gluten Free Cookie Comparison

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