Frequently Asked Questions

Six Different Size Boxes   1. How are the Cookies packaged?
      The cookies are normally packaged in plain white boxes.
      I have six different size boxes that will hold between a dozen
      and about five dozen cookies.

      I also do cookie trays. I have four different
      size trays that will hold between three dozen
      and 10 dozen cookies/buckeyes. Click here Cookie Trays
      to find out more.

  2. How much notice do you need for an order?
      It depends on the size of the order. For most orders, a day's
      notice is enough. However, for large orders, or during the
      Christmas season, it helps to have several days or more notice.

  3. How large of an order can you do?
      How large of an order do you have? Haven't met one yet that I couldn't do.
      My largest ever was for 68 Christmas trays (over 450 dozen). I've done a boxed order for 200 dozen.
      Click here 126 Dozen on Trays to see a picture of an order of 18 trays of 7 dozen each.
      Given enough notice, I can do just about any size order.
      Click here Sports Banquet to see a picture of one of the sports banquets
      I've done for Tallmadge High School (approximately 60 dozen cookies).

  4. Since you do this out of your house, how clean do you keep your house?
      Very! I don't drink or smoke. I don't have any pets. I don't have any kids. I'm pretty
      much a neat and clean freak even without the cookie business. And I know I would
      be apprehensive about buying any food product from someone I didn't know. So I'm
      even more conscientious about keeping my house sanitary with the business.

  5. Do you deliver?
      In a word - no. There are some rare exceptions, but usually you will need to pick the cookies
      up at my house.

  6. Where are you located?
      My house is in an allotment in Tallmadge called Tallmadge Woods. It's off of South Munroe.
      Click here to View Map or here to View House.

  7. Do you make anything besides cookies?
      Well the Buckeyes technically aren't a cookie, but they're so popular I have to make them.
      I now make cinnamon rolls, nut roll and poppyseed roll. So I have branched out a bit.

  8. Do you make any specialty cutouts?
      I have done some special orders for various types of cutouts such as moons, stars, ducks,
      rabbits, and teddy bears in the past. However, at this time I am sticking to just the
      ones that I make at Christmas and Easter.
      Click here Cutouts to view a sampling of some of my cutouts.

  9. Do you plan on adding anything else in the future?
      Well I never really 'plan' to add anything. But I have over the years due to the demand for something
      else. In December, 2001, I added the cutouts. In October, 2003, I added the cinnamon rolls.
      In April, 2007, I added nut roll and poppyseed roll. I've also added items on a trial basis (and in
      some cases, later dropped them). I don't plan on adding anything else, but that doesn't mean
      you won't see something new on the menu sometime in the future.

10. What payment methods do you accept?
      Cash or check. At this time I'm not set up to accept credit cards.

11. How often do you raise your prices?
      Not very often if I can help it. Early on, I rarely raised them. But in more recent years I've been forced
      to raise them more frequently as ingredient prices skyrocketed. As ingredient prices stabalize,
      hopefully so will my prices. I do everything I can to keep my costs down, and therefore, my prices.

12. What are the most popular cookies?
      Chocolate chip, peanut butter blossoms, and snickerdoodles are the most popular year round.
      At Christmas, buckeyes are by far and away the most popular.

13. What are your busiest times of the year?
      Christmas, Christmas, and Christmas. Not counting the farmers markets,
      I usually sell as many cookies in the month of December as I do the
      rest of the year combined. Graduation time (May/June) comes in a distant second.

14. Are your cookies available anywhere else?
      During the summer months you can find me at some local farmers' markets. These usually run
      from mid June until mid/late October, depending on the market. Which markets I'm at may
      vary from year to year. I will always have my market schedule posted on this site as soon
      as I know it each year.

Chocolate Chip before baking 15. How do you get the cookies to turn out so uniform?
      Instead of just dropping the batter on the cookie sheet with
      a spoon, I put on a pair of gloves and roll all the batter
      into balls. This makes them all turn out pretty much the
      same. I also make sure that the batter is mixed thoroughly
      throughout every stage of the mixing process.

16. How big is your oven?
      For some reason this seems to be the question I get asked
      the most. It is just the standard size kitchen oven. However,
      as you can tell by the picture, I do have large cookie
      sheets that can hold about two and a half dozen cookies.

17. Why the name - John's Cookies?
      I thought about a lot of other more creative names. But I realized that most
      of the people who would be ordering from me, at least initially, would be
      friends and coworkers. I knew that no matter what I called the business,
      they would always refer to my cookies as "John's Cookies". So it only made
      sense that I use that name.

18. Do you do this full time?
      I do now. I worked another job for most of my career. I believe I've
      finally given that up for good and will be devoting all of my time
      to the business.

19. What are your hours?
      Because I do this out of my house, I don't have any set hours. You can call at any
      (reasonable) time, seven days a week. You can also arrange to pick up the cookies
      at anytime that is convenient for both of us.

20. Do you eat your own cookies?
      Way more than I should! And even more of the batter.

21. How long do you plan on doing this business?
      I have too much invested in it to stop anytime soon. I expect to still be doing this for
      many years to come.

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