Customer Comments

The following are just a few of the comments I have received over the years. These are actual excerpts from recent emails.

I have to tell you how WONDERFUL the nut rolls are! They were so moist and full -- I have had some that were dry and tasteless before. The raves are still going on and on and on!

WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are great. Not too sweet and very moist.

(This was in reference to the poppyseed roll.)

I just wanted to tell you that the nut roll I bought from you for Easter was WONDERFUL! Really, really good. Sometimes nut rolls can be kind of dry, but this one was very moist. Hopefully you will keep this item on your menu for a long time.

The nut roll and poppyseed rolls were GREAT! Better than mom used to make. Don't know how many pounds my husband and I have gained - but it was worth it! The cookies and buckeyes, as always, were good, too!

I want to give you my honest opinion of your poppyseed roll...
p.s. I spoke with a friend and she said the nut roll was great... now I'll have to try that too!

We're sitting here eating this nut roll and it is absolutely perfect - Don't change a thing!

They are excellent John! We all sampled them down here and it sounded like that herbal essence commercial on the airplane!

(This was in reference to the cinnamon rolls.)

Thank you for making and delivering the delicious cookies and cinnamon rolls. You and your cookies are the best!!!

Thanks for the cookies! They are a hit as usual! Very delicious!

I did want to email you and say thank you so much for letting me order, at the last minute, all those wonderfully delicious cookies! I will admit, I was skeptical since I didn't know anything about your cookies, but now I do and you can add another satisfied customer to your list!

Just wanted to thank you for getting my cookies to me this morning. Such speedy service for a holiday is greatly appreciated. Your cinnamon rolls and buckeyes are just yummy !! Thanks again.... you are a great find !!

Thanks again for your wonderful cookies! All raved about them as usual!

Just got home from work and ate dinner and guess what I had for dessert..... cookies from John. And of course I had to sample several to find the one I like best...... God r they good. Like they just came out of the oven..... I think I better hide them so I will have them around them when I want them.

(These were cookies that were shipped to Florida on a Monday, arriving on Thursday!)

The cookies were a hit. Very delicious!

We had your cookies @ our Xmas party and they were great.

Whole family likes your cookies so much...

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the cookies, and by the way, you made a believer out of me when it came to the cut outs!

The cookies were a hit!

Just got a very nice surprise from my wife. It was a tray of your cookies. They are delicious! I visited your website to see what is up. I'm impressed. Keep up the good work. I don't know how to describe them, they are just awesome! I'm glad she found you.

Those cookies were delicious!

Just a note to say thanks again for the great cookies. As always, the buckeyes were a big hit! You are very appreciated.

Your cookies are getting good advertising and rave reviews here! A lot of people at work are getting to try them.

Just when I thought your cookies couldn't get any better - I just had one of the cut out ones... my god it is WONDERFUL!!! Even the icing is perfect - not too sweet and doesn't over power the flavor of the cookie. YUM YUM!


Many raves as always on your cookies.

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