John John's Cookies is a small company owned and operated by me, John Shinosky. It evolved into a business in 1996 and is based out of my home, which is equipped with an industrial size mixer and a "cookie room" filled with baking supplies.

How it started
The concept of this business began back in my college days. Instead of waiting for my roommate's mom to send him cookies, I decided to try my hand at baking. Even though the first batch was nothing to write home about, I kept at it. I tinkered with the recipes until the cookies finally garnered my seal of approval (and as picky as I am, that wasn't easy to do). I continued this hobby after college and over the years built a customer base at work and in my community. When people started offering to pay me to make their Christmas cookies, I figured it was time to turn this hobby into a real business. The rest is history.

The Business
I do this all year round, offering over a dozen different types of cookies, nut roll and poppyseed roll. The spritz and Christmas cutouts are only available during the Christmas season, which is about from Thanksgiving until New Year's Day. (I'm flexible.) The Easter cutouts are available for the two weeks or so prior to Easter. All of the other cookies and rolls can be had any time.

I consider John's Cookies to be a "no frills" type of business. I believe in good cookies, good prices, and good service. There are two options for how the cookies come packaged - either in sturdy white bakery boxes or sturdy, clear plastic cookie trays. So even though I don't have cookies nestled into fancy expensive baskets or bouquets, these great tasting, affordable cookies are perfect for Christmas, graduation parties, weddings, or any other occasion when you want that homemade touch.

I don't deliver, but I can ship to almost anywhere in the continental United States. Click on the shipping info link from the home page for more info about shipping.

The Cookies
The main word I would use to describe the uniqueness of my cookies is 'soft'. I leave the hard and crunchy cookies to the elves, but if you like your cookies "melt in your mouth" soft, you've come to the right place. I've perfected this quality into all my recipes that I've developed over the years. I believe it's what keeps my faithful customers coming back.

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